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Stephanie Domiguez, 21, Singer/Songwriter
“I recommend Chi Bang Bodies to any person who really has a goal and needs guidance and direction. They will definitely not disappoint you!"
Ned Dublio, 57, Senior VP at Smith Barney
“ I have been training with [Chi Bang Bodies] for the past 2½ years… In the time we have been together I am more fit and feel healthier and I have them to thank for that”
LT Jessica Baker, 29, Naval Flight Officer
“I’ve been an athlete all of my life…It wasn’t until I started working out with Chi Bang Bodies that I was able to really reshape my body and gain the muscle tone that I’ve always wanted. They took the time to listen…and then perfectly tailor workouts to help me meet those goals. After 8 weeks, I’d lost body fat and gained between a ½ and 1 ½ inches of muscle on my biceps, thighs, and chest/back, the perfect amount for a 5’8”, 135lb female who doesn’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I didn’t want to bulk up – I wanted to gain muscular strength, tone, and endurance, but was determined to maintain my femininity… I exceeded my own expectations.”
Karim Vegas, 23, Real Estate Developer
“I have been training with Chi Bang Bodies on and off for about a year and a half…I am much leaner and stronger now than I have ever been. Chi and his staff keep me motivated and help me through my workout regime with the extra push for better results… Not only do they help you in the gym but the help you outside of the gym with your diet specifications.”
Noah Bragg, 13, Junior USTA Tennis Player
“Since I began working with Chi Bang Bodies, I grew about a foot, rose into the top 25 ranking in the country for my age division and defeated top ranked players. I took three to four months off competitive tennis and trained hard with Chi and his team to prevent injury and strengthen and cure my back problems. Since then my back has felt no pain, I feel stronger, and am moving much quicker, enabling me to compete in age divisions beyond my own. My speed has increased dramatically and as we head into the tennis off-season we are beginning more serious weight and strength work in order to play against older and stronger players.”
Pia Schachter, 46, Photographer
"Getting back into the gym after shoulder surgery was a scary concept to me. My livelihood depends on having a body to be a human tripod; limber, steady and strong… In one month I was back working.”

“[My interests] were all over the map; one month I wanted to train for tight rope walking, the next month I needed to learn how to hang upside down, then it was surfing two weeks later. Whatever it was I wanted to learn, Chi and his team trained me for it safely.”
Grace Zimmerman, 50, Professor at Brandeis University
“I am very dedicated to staying fit and healthy, but a couple of years ago, I had a very serious knee operation which kept me from any serious training for several months. The Chi Bang Bodies team was able to devise a make-shift training regimen for me that worked around a very injured knee, while still protecting my back. They worked with me to develop a training program that utilized the equipment I had, and protected my back and other joints.”
Craig Mawhinney, 30, Civil Engineer
“Now I look forward to working out at the gym instead of dreading it as I had in the past… In just two short months, I have already lost 10 pounds and have never felt better in my life both physically and mentally and I'm very grateful to Chi Bang Bodies."
Ian Callard, 72, Professor at Boston University
“[Since training with Chi Bang bodies] my general level of fitness has improved and my gait has improved and I am able to walk longer without tiring quickly. Now, I am more likely to walk the dog and can am able to partake in walking tours of cities etc…important at my stage of life.”
Laura Wagner, 36, Business Systems Analyst
“Together with Chi Bang Bodies, I dropped 6-percent body fat, which I always considered a completely unattainable goal… I went down two dress sizes and felt fantastic. Feeling great carried over into all areas of my life.”
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