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Chi Bang
Justin Pezick

Chi Bang

Founder, Chi Bang Bodies Training Team

BA, College of the Holy Cross
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified in Prenatal & Postpartum fitness
Completed Harvard Medical/Culinary Institute
of America Nutrition Program

Chi began his career as a personal trainer in Boston in 1998, a year after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA with a degree in pre-med. After splitting time training and working in hospitals and other facets of the health industry, he decided to fore-go medical school and turn his efforts toward personal training full-time. In personal training, Chi found something he loved, valued, and enjoyed, and that served to fulfill what he desired most in wanting to become a physician: the ability to help people. Sick patients are often treated with medicine after being diagnosed with an ailment, but Chi's observations while working in the health industry taught him that prevention was as valuable in keeping the body healthy and in strong physical condition. Ultimately, he cultivated this passion into a career in personal training, allowing him to both help people and enjoy his work.

Chi has worked with athletes of all levels to developed strength programs. He works with triathletes, USHL hockey players, nationally ranked athletes in tennis and has also worked with David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox on off-season diets and strength and conditioning programs. Chi took his work international when he was hired to train Olympic athletes at the Athens 2004 summer Olympics. Chi has developed strength training and fitness programs for tennis, wrestling and martial arts. He has also spent time establishing fitness programs to improve speed, agility, power and stamina for the Optimum tennis program at Sportsmen’s Tennis Club as well as the B.M.C. Durfee High School Wrestling program. Chi uses his extensive background in the sciences, human physiology, and years of athletic experience to develop safe and challenging workouts for clients of all fitness levels. He is well versed in strength training, wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts, and is also experienced in assisting clients rehabilitating from prior injuries and surgeries. Besides challenging his clients successfully on a daily basis, Chi finds ways to challenge himself to reach new heights. He is an avid practitioner of the Wing Chun kung fu system. He is a 5-time bench press champion and has been crowned champion in national all-natural body building competitions. He has obtained professional status in two organizations.

Chi's clientele roster includes men, women and children of different ages and walks of life, as well as seniors, athletes (amateur and professional). His clients come from a variety of professions, such as business professionals, housewives, and performance artists. If you are serious about fitness and want to make a change, Chi is confident that he can help you achieve your goals.

Ghalib Alireza, 23, Student
Over 3 years, Chi has changed my outlook on living life properly and healthy. When I first started with Chi, I weighed a hefty 225lbs and looked very unhealthy. I was lazy, ate bad foods and felt as if I was underachieving during my everyday activities. I found myself skipping a lot of classes, and would only stay within the confines of my house. My daily routine would consist of many hours of just chilling, eating...and going to sleep at ridiculous times. After a while of living like this, I found myself getting more and more depressed… Then I met Chi through a friend of mine and I was instantly sold. I wanted Chi Bang Abs, and I wasn’t going to stop till I got them. The gym is where I would take out my frustrations. I’m so hooked now thanks to Chi and he really transformed my body from a big 225 pounder to a solid 182 pounds of muscle/fat. I owe a lot to Chi for turning my life into a much healthier style of living. My energy is up and I’m always looking for new activities to get involved in like kickboxing, yoga, and running. All in all I cannot thank Chi enough.
Jeff Perricone, 25, Student
I have been training with Chi for almost a year, and in that year I have accomplished things with my body I would have never thought possible. I came to Chi last year very enthused to understand the proper way to get results from resistance training. We worked together four days a week and during those times we met he was always educating me on form, explaining why I am performing these particular exercises, as well as keeping me motivated on realistic goals. Working with Chi this year I have been able to really see drastic changes in my body as well as my strength and performance in the gym. This January Chi put me on a workout plan to get me very lean. We were able to get me down to 5% body fat. It felt great to see my abs! I am working with Chi currently this summer to put on more lean muscle mass. It is very difficult to stay one hundred percent motivated in the gym every workout, as well as design a balanced routine to meet realistic goals. Chi helps me stay motivated every workout, and sets goals that are achievable. I hope to continue to see what I can accomplish working with Chi.
Melissa Mahoney, 30, Photographer
Training with Chi has put me in the best shape of my life… he made me excited to approach my new healthy lifestyle. He never made me feel like I was "working" out, he always made it interactive and fun and challenging. Every day with him was different. I never thought I would ever think "time flies by" while working out, but it does. Chi is honest, dedicated and passionate, my relationship with him made me want to be honest with him about all the food I put in my body.
Joel Cutler, 50, VC Partner
I am a 50 year old guy who, for most of his life, was in reasonably good shape. For the last ten years I focused more on cardio than strength and flexibility, much because of lack of focus, but also because of an increasingly painful lower back problem. Two years ago I got into an accident and pretty much abandoned serious workout efforts. When I turned 50, I promised my wife and myself, to get back into the kind of physical condition needed to make sure I could be as healthy as possible for a long time.
A buddy of mine introduced me to Chi six months ago. I liked him from the start. He was serious, smart and professional. He tested my resolve to get and stay in shape before he committed to take me on. He made me commit to working out with him at least three times a week and a couple of times more on my own. He coordinated efforts with my physical therapist to make sure we strengthened areas around my previous injuries and do no harm as we got started. He made me set my own goals for the month, the quarter and the year. Six months later my strength and flexibility are back to levels I have not seen in the last ten years. Chi's focus on my "core" has improved my balance and coordination while he takes me through a rigorous workout. I have always been thin, perhaps too thin sometimes, and I have been able to gain a few pounds all in my chest and arms as wanted over this time. Equally important, Chi has pushed me hard without "breaking” me. His focus on strength, balance, muscular coordination and flexibility has made this all come together for me. Chi is just a great guy. He is professional yet still personable. He is prompt but understands when my crazy schedule requires occasionally moving around appointments. I have worked with a bunch of trainers in the past, none come close to Chi.
Meredith Otten, 34, Entrepreneur
I was nervous about working with such a prominent trainer who has such an impressive client list. I figured I'd be his last priority. I was so wrong! From day one, Chi made me feel like I was one of his most important clients. He pushed me hard at the gym, but he also made me accountable to him for exercise time outside our sessions. Probably the best part though was his constant monitoring of my diet and grocery shopping. He had me email him everything I ate and bought every day- and when I would complain about missing certain foods he helped me find solutions that were tasty and healthy. In 4 months I went from being a lazy out-of-shape MBA student to finishing my first Triathlon! Thank you Chi!
Kim Mateus, 29, Chief Content Officer at Mequoda Group, LLC
Since I've known Chi, he's been a constant source of positivity, encouragement and strength in my life. Chi and I worked together for about a year, but his knowledge and passion about exercise and healthy eating has stayed with me since our first meeting… I saw results within about 3 weeks, and I was only doing about 80% of what he was recommending initially… Every human being on the planet falls prey to negative thinking, whether it's about work, family, finances or health and Chi's presence helps relieve the bad stuff… you get a sense of how genuinely committed and passionate he is about helping other people. He combines the smarts of a doctor with the soul of a peace corp worker. Since working with Chi, I have seen more tone and definition, visibly less cellulite and lots more strength and endurance.
David Jankilevitsch, 22, Babson Student
I began working with Chi because I prefer the personalized service Chi offers compared to working in a big gym. It will be close to two years now and I have gotten back into shape from a zero start and have maintained and grown since… I feel better and more active… I sleep and wake up better and feel like I perform better at work. I’ve become stronger, gained muscle and my posture has improved. Chi is always accessible and has motivated me along each step. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to enjoy their work out session more and to be able to push their bodies harder than they could alone.
Daniel Sullivan, 23, Suffolk Student
I have worked individually with dozens of trainers in preparation for, and during my Russian Kettlebell Certification. I have worked with numerous strength trainers in college and high school in addition to team coaches. I can say without hesitation that Chi has an approach that better assists me in achieving my goals than any of the aforementioned. When I first approached Chi, I sought to lose weight, gain cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina to prepare for a Spring trek in Denali National Park. I was in decent shape at the time but my routine wasn’t focused. In less than two months he brought me into peak physical condition; but, in less than a week only, he had developed a program drawing from his vast kinesiological knowledge, which simultaneously prepared me for rock climbing, glacier travel, and skiing, all while wearing a 50+ pound pack at over 5,000 feet of elevation. Among the members of the group on the trek I had the most physical aptitude. I cannot speak for every other person on the trek, but I believe that my experience was the most enjoyable because I was able to adapt to a constantly changing environment better than the rest. From this description one might envision a trainer with the temperament and method of a drill instructor. I don’t think a drill instructor could have helped me prepare the way Chi did. Chi has a constantly positive and encouraging attitude. If you want to joke, he’s ready to joke around. He is always serious about training though. I am tall and lean and have not made serious gains in strength quickly in the past; Chi has found ways to adapt the program time and time again to make faster gains than I have ever made, and I am constantly surprising myself. I have never worked with a trainer that has had such a grasp on bringing out the athlete in any person.
John Domolky, 21, Boston University Student
Working with Chi has made an enormous difference in my level of fitness and overall diet and health. Chi gets results and is constantly adapting my work-outs to maximize my potential. His experience is unmatched and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking their body to the next level. I had worked with trainers in the past that would just hand me a plan and expect me to follow it. Chi is intimately involved every step of the way, effectively guaranteeing results. I'm now almost at 8% body fat, down from 15% when we started. I've also improved my bench by 75 lbs.

Vincent Errera

US Marine Corps
Student, UMass Boston
Team Manager

Vincent spent five years in the United States Marine Corps in the field of Reconnaissance. After his first deployment to Iraq, Vincent returned to the U.S. and instructed and trained marines in Reconnaissance. This training involved extreme physical conditioning, endurance and mental strength. He developed specific routines in order to challenge and prepare these special operation marines to perform their job under the worst conditions, mentally and physically. Vincent brings the same positive attitude and training techniques to his current clients. He is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles and achieve goals they never thought possible.


Carl Lunna
Vinny set's himself apart from others by his athletic skills and military training, life experience, ability to motivate at a competitive level and his work professionalism regarding communication and always being on time. Vinny's expertise with physical fitness learned in the Special Forces has allowed him to positively motivate me to succeed. I recommend Vinny to everyone I know. I have been a competitive athlete and have had several coaches throughout my life time. I have trained with Vinny for three years and will continue to drive thirty minutes to train with him twice a week because he is excellent and positively motivating me to reach new athletic goals. Vinny is a highly focused, dedicated, and genuine person and has a very high moral compass. He is an excellent trainer and a great moral person.

Nicole Lawson

Aerobics & Fitness Association of America Group Exercise Instructor & Personal Fitness Trainer

I am a certified group exercise instructor as well as a certified personal trainer. I have my Bachelors in Health Studies and am currently studying at Boston University to receive my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have taught group aerobics classes ranging from indoor cycling to cardiokickboxing and all the muscular conditioning classes in between. Through my studies, I have acquired a vast knowledge of human anatomy and bring all aspects of this knowledge into my training style. From nutrition to strength training or weight loss, I will help you exceed your personal goals by pushing you beyond the limits of what you perceived is possible.


Travis Conner, 24, Audit Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers
A friend recommended me to Nicole, saying that she was an outstanding motivator who had plenty of knowledge and enthusiasm to help me reach my goals. Nicole greatly exceeded my expectations, not only was she able to motivate me to get back in shape, but her knowledge of various exercises allowed me to gain my desired results in a time efficient workout that fits into my busy schedule. Not only does Nicole have a great intelligence regarding muscle growth and weight loss through intense training, she also knows a lot about nutrition which I’ve learned has a tremendous effect on the results of my workouts. Nicole helped me achieve a smaller waist size, as well as better definition in my arms, chest and back. She sets herself apart from other trainers in the fact that she gets to know you and understand your personality so that she can motivate way you in the best way possible. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone I know as she has the ability to train anyone of any age, gender, and physical capabilities. She is not only a genuinely nice person, but she also has a great sense of humor and an unbelievable work ethic. I truly enjoyed training with Nicole and I can only hope anyone else who needs a trainer gets Nicole, I really appreciate all that she has done for me. Thank you Nicole!
Shannon Carlson, 24, Graduate Student at Boston University
I began looking for a trainer a year and a half ago when my frustration towards losing weight had reached its peak. I had been working out consistently with no results and was ready to give up altogether when I started working with Nicole. She taught me a whole new way of working out, circuit training, which both cut my work out time in half and kept the work outs new and exciting. In addition to those benefits I finally starting feeling as though my efforts were paying off. If it wasn't for Nicole's innovative exercises and encouragement I don't think I would have been as successful at losing the weight and keeping it off. Nicole is both a great trainer and a great support system, which I believe is truly necessary to reach your goals when it comes to exercising. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to spice up their current routine or anyone who needs that extra motivation that having someone like Nicole definitely provides

Justin Pezick, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Chief Operating Officer, Chi Bang Bodies

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Boston University
Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, Boston University
Certified Athletic Trainer, NATABOC
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association

Justin began personal training in 2009 further engaging in what he loves, performance and the human body. Justin received his DPT degree from Boston University in 2013. Through undergrad and high school Justin has been around sports, performance, and injuries. Growing curiosity lead Justin to find ways to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries. Through his career and studies, Justin leads his life by example. Being hospitalized in high school with Crohn’s disease, Justin sought answers in the fitness world and has never looked back.

Justin has worked with many different demographics of clientele: from you average individual to clients who are overweight to division I athletes to professional rugby players. Given his background, Justin has worked with a plethora of post-surgical, injured, and impaired patients. Do not let an injury or surgery keep you down. Justin will find ways to help you stay fit, while safely recovering from injury or surgery. With his knowledge of functional movement, his interest in sports, and his aggressive mindset, you will experience a workout unlike any you’ve ever completed. You will reach your goals and go further than you though you could.


Kristina Stanley,44, Beth Israel Fundrasing
I started training with Justin late summer 2010. At the time, I was concerned about a doctor prescribed medication I was taking that made me feel extremely lethargic and tired. I thought maybe if I worked with a trainer, I would have the motivation and help I needed to feel better and healthier while I was on the meds. Turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Justin helped get me through those long months on the medication, and I suddenly found myself with muscles I didn’t know I had. It was amazing to literally see myself stronger... with more endurance... more toned... less tired... clothes fitting better and looser. Also amazing was I found myself feeling better emotionally and I gained a new confidence. I’ve been off the meds now for quite some time, but I’m sticking with my trainer. One of the great things about Justin is that he adapts his immense knowledge of anatomy and human movement to suit my individual needs. He knows every bone, every muscle, every blood vessel, and more often than not, I’m getting my own anatomy and physiology lesson when I train with him. He’s very good at crafting motivational interventions which are specific to me. He knows just how to really push you when you really need it. Although there are times I'm fairly sure that what he's asking me to do will quite possibly kill me, it hasn’t happened yet – I just keep getting stronger and stronger.
Bruno I. Rubio, 50, University Professor
I usually go to the gym every day; my favorite activities are cardio and yoga. Although I’m in good shape, I knew my fitness routine was missing something. Before I started training with Justin, I had zero motivation to work out with weights. I was unsure about how much to lift, how many reps to do, what the correct form was, etc. I was also afraid of injuring myself. Justin gave me a new perspective on weight training. He’s so knowledgeable about anatomy and movement functionality. During our sessions Justin is attentive and encouraging. He also spurs me on when he thinks I can safely handle the challenge. Now, I actually like lifting and I’m breaking personal records on a weekly basis. Thanks Justin.
Greg Workman, 30, Medical Device Rep
I hired Justin through Boston's Chi Bang Bodies in 2010. He keeps me coming back because I enjoy spending time in the gym under his direction and love the results we've achieved. His knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition are unsurpassable. It is without reservation that I recommend Justin to anyone serious about achieving their fitness goals.
Justin Zompati, 28, Sales Associate
I recently sustained a major sports injury this past year that required surgery. Without Justin's help and coaching through the recovery process, I don't think I would be as active as I am... this early into it. He has an exceptional understanding of the Muscular & Skeletal systems of the human body. Justin has taught me how to stay injury-free moving forward, based on the analysis of my life's physical activities. He is very easy to communicate with, and is very passionate to helping his clients.

Lucy Schachter

Candidate for BSBA, Northeastern University
Executive Assistant

As a former client of Chi Bang Bodies, Lucy has worked personally with many of our trainers for a number of years. Sheunderstands the business from both an internal and external perspective, which allows her to be an effective liaison between our clients and trainers. She is involved in client and employee scheduling, managing web presence, and researching the latest advances in nutrition and training to keep our programs on the cutting edge. Her goal is to keep Chi Bang Bodies running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you need help finding the right trainer for you, getting more information on the latest fitness trend, or have any ideas or suggestions for ways we could improve the client experience feel free to get in contact with Lucy.


Jennifer Barry


BS Health and Exercise Science - UMass Boston
AS Marketing and Business Management - Northeastern University
American Heart Association, CPR-AED- Health Care Provider
NASM Certified Personal trainer
AFAA Group Exercise
Les Mills Body Combat
Poliquin Bio Signature (sports nutrition practitioner license)
Helix Instructor
7x National NPC Figure Champion

Areas of Focus:
Jenny has over a decade of fitness experience as one of Boston’s elite personal trainers, and group-exercise instructors. She holds a degree in marketing from Northeastern University, and Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science, with a focus in Pediatric Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Jenny has channeled her education and personal life experiences towards her lifetime goal of helping others. With numerous national fitness certifications, Jenny embodies her “total fitness lifestyle” throughout the Metro Boston area. Jenny won MIT’s “Fitness Instructor of the Year” award while serving as a college level Physical Education Instructor in 2006. Jenny has been featured in numerous Boston based print media on exercise and health. She is also nationally successful NPC figure competitor.

Jenny’s competition experience has allowed her clients to achieve complete physical transformations. Jenny says that her greatest sense of fulfillment is “Dedicating my life to help incorporate health and behavior change fitness into the lives of everyone she encounters

Fitness and Figure competing, EDM, Dancing, yoga, and food preparation


Vuong Tran


BS Exercise and Health- University of Massachusetts Boston
Chi Bang Bodies personal training intern
Umass Boston exercise physiology intern
Certified Insanity instructor®
Candidate for CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Areas of Focus:
My concentration at UMass required intensive research on various aspects of health, nutrition and exercise. My specialties are group exercise, lifestyle motivational techniques, and children’s exercise.

I have a strong desire to help others see the value of improving their health and fitness, and the value it will bring in increasing their overall quality of life. Having experienced tremendous growth and education through exercise, I have been able to impact my life in so many ways it makes my desire overwhelming to give back to others the same gift.

Bodybuilding, Reading, Traveling, and the perpetual pursuit of personal growth.


Nick Champagnes

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Completed CBB Internship
Resistance Band Certified

Nick Champagne was born in Fall River, MA and attended Durfee High School where he spent two years as captain of the Durfee wrestling team. He is now a student at Suffolk University studying Entrepreneurship. After arriving in Boston, Nick met up with Chi Bang and completed a 4-month internship at Chi Bang Bodies. He has been able to study multiple training approaches. Through his experience he has been able to sculpt his own method to allow his clients reach their goals as quickly as possible. Nick is able to take an individualized approach with each client, optimizing program prescription to attain both long term and short-term goals. Chi showed Nick the ins-out of both the client and business ends of the industry creating a wide scope of expertise and understanding. Nick has experience with online clients and personal one-on-one in the gym. Nick is highly versatile and can deliver a workout in any environment. He can take you through a TRX workout in the park or give you a full strength workout in your living room with a single band. Nick is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals anyway he can.


Kenneth F.Fernandez

BA Psychology, Boston University, concentration in Anatomy
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant, ACE and APEX (formerly affiliated with NASM)
Fitness Author

Kenneth F. Fernandez has been a personal trainer since 1997. Kenneth holds a degree in Psychology from Boston University, is a certified personal trainer with ACE (American Council on Exercise), and formerly through APEX Fitness, an affiliate of The National Academy of Sports Medicine, as a Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer. Kenneth has worked in both hospitality and fitness for the past 14 years managing and training personal trainers for private companies and national franchises, restaurant/hotel operations and management, and privately as a fitness and hospitality consultant. He is a former and soon to be again natural bodybuilding competitor, and Special Olympics volunteer coach and supporter.

Ken was a formerly overweight child and Jenny Craig client, but after years of childhood struggles with weight gain, he found his passion in personal training. Ken started with humble beginnings as a weight room attendant in college for the “Free” gym membership just as a way to practice and study the craft he would come to love. He has studied various exercise modalities from yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, and some boxing and martial arts. Ken eventually went on to run a successful training business and manage trainers for national franchises and independent owners alike.

His clientele have included a wide range of individuals from Division One college athletes, to stage actors, average men and women alike, and post rehabilitative patients. He is additionally the author of the book Be A Fit Foodie. Ken believes in a strong mind-body approach to training with an emphasis on preventative maintenance where form always precedes function. His specialties include weight loss, functional, sport-specific, and post rehabilitative training.

He was recently quoted in an article at http://www.athleticbusiness.com

Click here to access his book: Be A Fit Foodie

Lara S.,40, Clinical Case Manager
Ken has been understanding while also pushing me to do the most that I can to work on my fitness, even in the face of waxing/waning medical issues. I'm now back to walking and looking at getting back to hiking!"
Dhiraj B., 28, Financial Services
I was unable to gather the right kind of motivation and determination to work towards my fitness goals, until I started training with Ken. Ken helped me stay focused and push my limits while inspiring me to stay true to myself all along. He is sure to make certain you maintain your discipline towards your goals, but truly understanding of how to motivate you in a very constructive manner - in other words, a wonderful trainer and a delightful person.
Nate H., 37, Sound Engineer
I have been training with Chi, Ken, and Justin for almost 2 years and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Chi and his crew are consummate professionals, with a great deal of knowledge and passion for their business. They have been extremely welcoming and I feel that they truly care about my results, with constant communication and encouragement. Even beyond training, when I began to suffer some back pain, they were able to get me mobile again after the first session. Within a few weeks my pain was gone and has not returned.. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chi Bang Bodies, you will not find a better training staff in Greater Boston.

André Sibilsky

Swim Instructor
Distance Running Coach
BS International Trade & Economic Policy, University of Florida

Advanced Diver Certification (PADI)
Open Water Diver Certification (PADI)
CPR/AED & First Aid Certified (AHA)

André is a native of Dallas, TX and has been a swim instructor since 2004. He has a strong background in competitive swimming and water polo at both the high school and collegiate level. Andre also has over 5 years experience scuba diving in all conditions throughout the world. With additional certifications covering deep-water dives, limited visibility diving, and underwater navigation, he brings insight and experience to any marine training environment. While attending the University of Florida, he trained alongside Ryan Lochte. as well as other Olympic swimmers and their coaches. Andre now works with Chi Bang Bodies to bring these next-level training benefits to our clients here in the Boston area.

Also an avid runner, cross training enthusiast, and longtime proponent of minimalist footwear, André is our resident Distance Running Coach. He offers training programs for new Boston Marathon candidates each year. By developing custom programs geared toward every level of athlete, he is able to bring an intensity to long distance running that produces exceptional results.

“My goal is to get you in the pool and to get you results. Whether you are just learning to swim, looking for a more complete cardio workout, or training for a Triathlon, we will shatter your expectations and blow the competition out of the water.” -André


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